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Full range of cores for Power and Distribution Transformers

Wound Cores for Distribution and Small Powers Transformers

  • DUO Cores / Wound Cores

  • Single Phase

  • Three Phase

  • Distriuted Gap Cores

  • Cruciform

  • Stepbutt

  • But-2 Core & Butt-3 Core

  • Grapped Core

  • Uncut Core

  • Dee Core

  • Straight Laminations

For Instrument Transformers

  • Annealed

  • Not-Annealed

Toroidal Transformer Cores

  • Annealed

  • Not-Annealed

Step Lap Cores for Oil Distribution and Power Transformers

  • In Logs

  • Fully Assembled

Step Lap Cores for Dry Type Distribution Transformers

  • In Logs

  • Fully Assembled

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